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This affiliate page is probably not like any other affiliate page you've seen before.  And that's because I consider my affiliates and JVs as friends and as strong, lasting business partners.  We work together and we earn together.  And so, I like to listen to their suggestions, answer their questions, give them high converting tools that they can use and I work hard to give them  what ever help they ask me for. Ask any of them, and they'll tell you that  I always pay them on time and I always take very good care of them, because they take good care of me.  Commissions are paid through Paypal.

And in order to make our partnership work so well, my affiliates and JVs understand the following terms:

  • No spamming  allowed.

  • Affiliates/JVs who receive a spam complaint against them risk being immediately banned from the Click2Sell network entirely

  • Affiliates/JVs who receive a spam complaint against them risk being fined by Click2Sell for violating their terms

  • Affiliates/JVs who receive a spam complaint against them risk forfeiting any and all commissions they've earned.

If a spam complaint against an affiliate reaches us, we don't necessarily warn the offending affiliate before taking the above actions.  That's because they've already agreed to these terms when the joined the Click2Sell network.  They know that it only takes 1 spam complaint against them for any of the above to occur.  So, our affiliates NEVER, EVER spam.... Right? 


Ok, now that I've got that out of the way...  let me get right down to the nuts and bolts of partnering with us....


We offer 2 partnership programs:  the Affiliate Program and The Joint Venture Partnership Program (JV)

1.  General Affiliates:  Our Affiliate program is designed for people who want to get started partnering with us immediately so they can earn commissions today.  It pays 50% commission for their referrals.  If you are ready to start working with us as an affiliate and are ready for fast commissions right away... please fill in the form below indicating that you agree to the above terms (as well as the Click2Sell terms) and we'll send you an email to your affiliate link, and  lots of high converting marketing tools and information including ready to go email ads, and more.



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2.  Joint Venture Partners:  Our Joint Venture Program is designed for large list owners who are interested in earning a significantly higher percentage of commission for their referrals.  We know they've worked hard to build a strong relationship with their lists.  We understand the value of that hard work.  So we reward them for that effort.  We've found that list owners like that are not only interested in higher commissions, but also seriously interested in maintaining a good and lasting reputation with their list subscribers.  So, with that in mind, we pay our JVs 75% commission for their referrals.   We also understand that high one-time payouts can be a good way of attracting JV attention, but we also know that JVs are focused on building multiple streams of income.  That's why we offer a residual commission option too; i.e. a percentage of the customers payments paid to the JV on an ongoing basis.  We know that quality JVs know that one of the keys to success in the affiliate marketing game is to build up multiple residual income streams which can help see them through the lean times.  That is why we implement recurring commissions.

Marketing Tools & Material:  We know that quality affiliates and JVs are very busy people - the more brain strain we can take out of the development of promotional material, the better.  So we give them high converting ready to go text links, banner ads, articles, email ads, a free brandable ebook they can freely giveaway, promotional videos and more.

Tracking & Reporting:  Because we use Click2Sell as our affiliate platform, our affiliates and JVs get powerful tracking reports.  This is *very* important. Publishers really need an interface where they can monitor their progress 24/7. It's certainly not enough to send out a monthly report via email as this doesn't allow the affiliate to make tweaks to their promotion on-the-fly based on their performance.  There's also the trust factor - we know that quality affiliates are somewhat skittish by nature; usually because of previous experiences where they've been screwed by a merchant. So the transparency in our tracking and reporting interface offers provides affiliates with a level of reassurance.

Cookie Duration:  Top affiliates know that most purchases don't occur on the first click. In fact, many people purchase products days, weeks or even months later after being exposed to them. For this reason, if you're using cookies for tracking referrals, the cookie should be set to expire in a minimum of 6 months. If you set cookies to expire within a week, I can guarantee you'll miss out on recruiting top performing affiliates

  And, we often release our newest products to them (JVs)  first.... before the general affiliates, so that they can offer special deals to their list, before anyone else can have a crack at it.

Because our JV program is far more focused and tightly organized, we stay in close contact with our JV partners.  If our JV program describes your kind of program... please submit your info in the form below to get started...



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