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Money Making Ideas

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Money making ideas never quit coming to me.  And I’ve decided to share one of my newest favorites with you.

Money Making Ideas



Most people don’t know it, but one of my favorite little money making gems hides quietly inside an obscure little corner of Google, under the unassuming little name:  Google Trends:  Known only to a lucky few people who are profiting widely from this amazing tool, Google Trends crazy income generating capabilities continues to elude the masses.

But the most amazing thing about this powerful little tool is, the moment you grasp the concept, it will literally start spitting out  hundreds of dollar bills out at you like an out of order ATM machine.

My friend, Steven and I never fail to make money with Google Hot Trends.  And it’s probably because it’s so simple to use and works flawlessly if you understand a few tiny tricks about it.  The tricks are so obvious that even a chimp could do it.   But my friend Steven and I have been sitting around scratching our heads, trying to figure out why  so many people still just can’t wrap their heads around it enough for Google Trends to work wonders for their income flow.   Then we realized there was only one way people were going to finally understand this wonderful little money making idea, like we do.  It could only be done using visual teaching. 

So, walking through the entire Google Hot Trend process, Steven documented every step.  Then he put together 10 videos on this process.  And I’ve gotta tell you, these videos make it so flat out simple and easy, that even Steven’s 19 year old daughter, who had no internet knowledge other than messing around with her friends on Facebook and Youtube,  went through the process.  And in just one day, she made over $200. 

So we know you can do this.  If you want someone to show you exactly how to use the money making ideas hidden inside of Google Trends, then simply access these videos where you can watch over Steven’s shoulder as he shows you step by step how to do it and you will not fail if you follow his instructions.

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Make Quick Money

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work from home

3 Ways to Make Quick Money

My last post was so popular that I decided to post another 3 making money easy ideas.

1.  Article Writing:  I have a friend who writes articles for Helium and typically is paid about $60 per article.  He is not the greatest article writer, and his articles only take him about 30 minutes to write.  Now that really is a great hourly wages to
make quick money

2.  CPA:  This is short for Cost Per Acquisition and this is where you are paid when a customer enters an email address or zip code.  I currently do this and although my methods are somewhat sophistocated, and I’m pretty skilled, so I typically make tens of thousands of dollars a month doing it.

3.  Adsense:  You can start a website or a blog and within a few minutes start earning money from Google Adsense as people click on the ads which appear on your site.  This works best when you have numerous sites serving adsense.
If you’re still struggling to make money online, I can help.  Go to

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3 Quick Money Making Ideas

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3 Quick Money Making Ideas

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to post some quick money making ideas for you.  A lot of people are hurting right now, and seriously need to make some quick money.  Online money making is easy, and these ideas should get you started today.

1.  Associated Content:  There is a website where you simply write articles for companies.  These articles promote products for the companies.  They pay you between $3 to $40 per article.  Most people can write an article in 30 – 60 minutes.  And even if you only write one article a day, that is $350 exta a month.  If you have more time, your income could be over $3,000 for just writing 3 articles a day.

2.  Years ago I tried this one:  Cash Crate is a site that pays you to take surveys.  I didn’t make very much money, but I was a fun way to earn a few dollars.

3.  Forum Booster:  This one is great, and easy.  Forum Booster is a website that pays you 10 cents for each forum post you make online.  It all depends on how fast you can type but most people can post as many as 20 post per hour.  For some people, this is a lot of income, and it requires no skill.

If these 3 quick money making ideaswon’t pay the bills and you need a serious income, you need to visit

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5 Best Ways To Make Money At Home

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5 Best Ways To Make Money At


If you find yourself looking for a way to make money at home, then you are in good company.  Millions of people are with you on that.  It’s the American Dream – an the dream of hudreds of other countries, as well.

Because I spend my time coaching people exactly how to make money at home, today I decided to give you a few ways to make money.

1. Blogging:  thousands of people, including myself make money blogging on topics which they are passionate about.  Even teenagers (as young as 14 years old) are making a killing online by blogging.  To start making money in this easy industry, just pick a hobby or interest you have, ie: if you have a pet, blog about it.  Talk about your pet, upload your pet’s picture, show some video clips of your pet’s tricks, and treats.  This will get you started with a flollowing.

2.  Affiliate marketing:  This is where the big money hits.  Sign up with affiliate programs at eBay, Clickbank, Amazon, and CJ.  Create a squeeze page or two to give away a free offer (one that you created like a video tip, how to training, etc) to capture email addresses.  Then promote affiliate products to your list.

3.  Ebay:  Plenty of people are making a full time income on ebay. 

4.  Create & Sell Your Own Products:  If you have a hobby, like pets, you can create an ebook or a video to sell.  This really is an easy and you can set any price.  Clickbank is full of products which people created themselves and are selling by the boatload.

5.  Advertise your service:  if your hobby is pets, you can advertise your service whether it is training, training tips, setting, grooming, boarding, pet toys/products, etc. 

Maybe your hobby isn’t pets.  Mabye you have a web designer skill, or are a programmer or graphics specialist, or maybe you are just good at writing.  You can earn money right this minute by joining freelance websites like, elance, odesk etc.

Did you know that I coach students on ways to make money at home?  For more information:

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Work at Home Moms Mentor You

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Work at Home Moms To Mentor You

Not long ago, I was talking to someone who had gotten stuck in serious work from home business rut, and I immediately knew what her problem was.  She had bought practically every single product on the topic of running her work from home business, but she wasn’t making any money.

Here’s her problem, she had bought so much stuff, but wasn’t doing anything with it.  She had what is called, ‘information overload.’  It is notorious for stopping people dead in their tracks every time.

So, I asked her, what are you good at?  What are your hobbies?

She thought for a few moments, then said, really all I want to do is make money online and work from home. 

Obviously, I knew she couldn’t possibly be that shallow, so I looked around her house for clues.  I noticed a couple of dog dishes in the corner of her kitchen.  So I asked, “do you have a do?” 

“Yes, I do.”  was her reply.

“Well, there, now, it looks like you do have an interest, and likely a hobby.”  I said

So I told her that she needed to start a blog about her dog and post some pictures of the dog.  I  helped her get started with her blog, which included some of the tricks she taught her dog, some of the dogs favorite toys, favorite foods, etc.  Next I showed her how to create her own products in the dog niche, and I even showed her how to make money in her work from home business as an affiliate. 

Her little blog quickly grew into several websites promoting different products.  She used simple squeeze pages to capture people’s name and address in return for free offers.  Everything was tied into autoresponders promoting affiliate products. 

By now, she was already making money.  But we decided to kick it up a notch, and we developed a marketing plan for her websites.  She put that plan into action and within 4 months she was making enough money to quit his job and work at home full time. 

So, all it took was to move her from buying everything and not making any money, to quitting her job and making even more money. 

Work at home moms need mentoring just like anyone.  And that’s exactly what I do.  If you’re willing to listen and do what you are told and learn, then a work at home coach can save you a ton of time and money and get you on the level of earnings you are looking for. 

Try me out at:

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Free Traffic

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Free Traffic

Free traffic is available for every website on the
internet.  That’s a fact and I’m always surprised how many people would
rather buy targeted website traffic, pay for clicks, or simply get no
traffic at all rather than tap into all the free traffic which the internet is simplym
teaming with.  To me, free traffic seems like a ‘no brainer.’ 
After all, no matter what market you are in, no matter what status level of
marketer you are, you can get thousands of targeted visitors to your websites;
new websites and old alike, and you’ll build lists, and make sales like crazy. 
And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to increase web site traffic. 

So, because I hate to see anybody waste anymore money by buying
traffic online, I’ve decided to give you a free ebook to help you tap into some
of this free traffic for your website.   That’s right, it’s entirely
free, no strings attached, and I really think this information will help you
increase web site traffic starting today.  You can download the free ebook

So, if you are tired of being lied to when it comes to how to
generate web site traffic, if you want the truth that will suddenly flood your
website with thousands of free targeted web site visitors automatically, and if you
want The Simple Way To Make Your Website 90% Better Than All The Rest, Without
Lists, Without Buying Advertising,  or  Traffic, No costs, No Spam,
Just Easy Free Traffic, download this amazing ebook right now…

Also, because the information in this ebook is so critical for
the success of any website online, allow you to earn a substantial ONGOING

income simply by passing out this FREE  ebook.

It only takes about 15 seconds to rebrand it with your own
affiliate links.  Rebranding rights are free.  So give it away to your
subscribers, or as a bonus for your customers our use it to build your

mailing list, or just spread the word. And get paid to give it away.

Our current conversion rate is about 33% for this free ebook, which means if you
give way 5000 free ebooks, that’s $33,000 instant cash for you!

Just go to



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Increase Web Traffic

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People always ask me “what is the best way to increase web traffic” to their site?  And really, that is a loaded question and requires a loaded answer.  But fortunately for those of you who found this site, you will get a loaded answer, and the answer just might surprise you.

I am a firm believer that the best traffic is free traffic.  But free does come with a price.  And that price ususally is a little elbow grease.  The really great thing about exerting a little effort on traffic generation tricks is, once generated, the free traffic never runs out.  Not so much for traffic you pay for, however.  That is why I love free traffic.

So, this week I decided to take on a little project.  I’ve decided to write a free ebook all about how to best generate all the free and targeted traffic possible.  I’ll be giving away this free ebook to anyone and everyone who wants it.  This will be a great asset to anyone who is currently running a website online, or who would like to start a website, because I’ll cover all the exact methods I use to increase web traffic to my sites.  I’ll even tell you what I did to quaduple my traffic and sales, earning me a whopping $1,159.20 in sales  in 24 hours.

So folks, I’ll let you know as soon as the ebook is ready.  I expect to release it before Valentines day.  And, yes, it will be 100% free.  And for those of you who love to earn while you learn, you’ll be happy to know that I’ll even pay you to give this free ebook away.

So, get ready, get set… I’m writing an ebook this week and before you know it, you’ll know all there is to know about how to increase web traffic to your sites, without spending a penny.   

Stay tuned…..

Did you know that you can increase web traffic within minutes?

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Search Engine Ranking

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Search Engine Ranking

Search engine ranking is a complicated beast for many internet marketers, but it doesn’t need to be.  Here is an easy step-by-step on page optimazation guide you can use to tame the beast, starting at the top of your main page:

1.  Insert a heading tag that uses your keyword or keyword phrases.  This tag should be an H1 tag (or in other words, uses bigger and bolder text than normal body text).  Search engines place more importance on H1 tags, so you must emphasize your heading tag.

2.  Keep in mind that heading sizes range from H1 – H6.  H1 is the largest text. 

3.  Following your header, you place your introduction which describes your main theme of your page.  Never optimize your home page for more than one theme, or you will weaken your search engine ranking potential.  In your introduction section, include several of your top keywords and keyword phrases.  You may repeat your top 1 or 2 keywords a couple of times and you may include other keyword terms too.  Make it read well and sound naturally for your visitors. 

4.  Use additional paragraphs to get deeper into detail, using words related to your keyword.

5.  As you go into detail about your topic, and as you include additional paragraphs, use smaller headings.

6.  As you create a link listing, use a brief description of each link using keywords and keyword phrases in the text.  These links should link to quality content on your site relating to your theme and the keywords used in the link description.

7.  Always use your keyword and/or keyword pharases in your closing paragraph.  Keep in mind your goal is not to stuff your page with keywords, but to sprinkle them sensibly throughout your page in key places:  your header, your closing and a sparingly in your page body.  Keyword density should not exceed 5% or you will be penalized by the search engines, resulting in poor search engine ranking or no ranking.  Avoid redundancy.

Search engine ranking can be accomplished using many different strategies and these strategies are most effective when they all work together.  Staying up to date on the latest search engine ranking algorithms and processes and modifying your pages accordingly will always keep you ahead of the crowd.

Each of these will increase-web-traffic for youby utilizing free-traffic from search engines